Guidelines and Policies


A minister of Southside United Methodist Church will be in charge of all weddings held in this church. Ministers of other churches are welcome to participate in the ceremony at the discretion of and in consultation with the presiding minister.

The couple to be married will meet with the presiding minister one or more times to discuss their expectations and plans for the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Date

The date and time of your wedding will be selected according to (1) your preference (2) the availability of church facilities (3) the availability of one of our clergy.

It is very important that you clear your date first with Melissa Frankie, of our church staff.  She may also be reached at 396-2676.  Once the date is cleared, you may begin working with our wedding coordinator, Karen Feltman. She will fill out a basic information sheet, answer your questions concerning your wedding, and give you a written record of your preliminary arrangements. At this time, a deposit is due to secure your date. Unsecured dates will not be held for more than 30 days.

We avoid scheduling weddings on major holiday weekends, for example, the weekend before Palm Sunday, the weekend before Easter, the weekend before Christmas or after Christmas, New Year's Day, or the weekend after Thanksgiving. Scheduling around other holidays will depend upon the availability of clergy.

Premarital Consultation and Counseling

The minister will require every couple planning to be married at Southside to meet with him for pre-marital consultation. It is important for you to go as a couple to examine the meaning of your vows, to verbalize your requests, and to express your expectations concerning every detail of your wedding ceremony.

You will be responsible for scheduling a time to meet with the minister prior to your pre-marital counseling. You may contact our Minister of Discipleship, Reverend Dale Tedder, Jr. at 396-2676., Ext. 116. You will greatly benefit from your sessions with a pastoral counselor who will assist you in (1) examining your sacred commitment to each other (2) expressing your expectations (3) determining specific methods for beginning your marriage on a firm and lasting foundation.  The Pastor will recommend the number of sessions to best prepare you for marriage.

If you should choose to complete your premarital counseling with another counselor or program, you must present a statement of verification to the minister. All counseling sessions must be completed 12 weeks prior to the date of your wedding.

Wedding Director

You will be required to engage the services of our staff wedding directors to ensure that all of the members of the wedding party are well instructed and confident about their part in the ceremony.

The Wedding Director is responsible for providing you with a complete list of our services. She will notify the Organist and Sound Technician of your date and schedule their services. She will review this booklet with you, go over policies and fees, show you all the facilities available, and assist you in planning. She will have you complete the Wedding Information Questionnaire and ask for your signature as approval.